Over 30 years of producing
the finest mobile electronics for car audio in the world,
always following our istinto innovativo

Sound reproduction has forever been a fascinating world where emotion and technology cohabit. Like any form of art, the greatest result is achieved when these two values, at their peak, finally embrace.
With this combination in mind, every project we develop is born with this natural attitude which draws from our love for music and our inner need to challenge the existing standards.
We are innovative by instinct and wholeheartedly passionate about highfidelity.

Since the introduction of the HR 100, linking advanced technology with emotion in every stage of a project has led us to create products which have truly marked the history of car hi-fi.
Unwaveringly dedicated to the research of perfection in sound reproduction in vehicles, we pioneer innovation and don’t settle for anything less than excellence in every Audison product we bring to life.
The recognition that world experts of the industry have shown towards the Audison brand makes us extremely proud of this choice.


It’s embedded in Audison philosophy and reflected in every aspect of the product.
Innovation is something that disturbs the standard process and requires a challenging attitude, going beyond the
ordinary solutions that everyone else is adopting.
That's where our instinct comes in.
That's where the distinctive Audison essence manifests itself.


technology and emotions,
hand in hand

In Audison innovation shapes the whole design process and begins with conceiving car audio products that deliver unique value and enhance in-car listening experiences.
Design means deep care for details, elegance both in aesthetics and performance, perfection in its purest form.


daringly going beyond the limits

Audison boasts a history of pioneering landmark innovations in audio reproduction, always continuing to push the technological boundaries and securing dozens of patents in the process.
Unveiling a new frontier in high-fidelity sound reproduction, we allow audiophiles’ wildest dreams to come true.


passion and care are the true drivers

We are devoted to high fidelity sound reproduction as a form of art, which requires passion and care down to the smallest detail, expertise in the choice of materials, high standards for each production phase, the most advanced testing tools and the strictest quality control procedures. Acoustic quality cannot accept compromises.