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Subwoofer for BMW-MINI

Subwoofers have been designed with electro-acoustic parameters that maximize performance for the factory box available below the seats. The ABS plastic basket, reinforced with fiberglass, and the acoustic structure featuring a front magnet, provide for a minimal installation depth for a perfect compatibility with the whole range. Two 5 mm polyurethane gaskets, supplied, allow the subwoofer to fit perfectly to the box, decoupling it from vibration

The 200 mm (8″) APBMW S subwoofers allow a «direct replacement» of the OEM speakers underneath the front seats, making the most of the factory acoustic load and generating deep and crisp low frequencies. You can choose between S8-2 with 2 ohm impedance and S8-4 with 4 ohm impedance for improved system composition versatility. In fact, in the mid-high passive filtered system configuration, with the crossover provided, 4 of the 8-channels of the AP 8.9 bit can be configured in bridge mode delivering 130W rms to each S8-4 installed under the seat. The S8-2 can be used in a fully active, multi-amplified front system, maximizing the power of the AP 8.9 bit at 2 ohms, and employing additional 2 channels for the rear system. The Neodymium magnet used on S8-4 and S8-2 allows for greater power and control than ferrite, while maintaining the depth of installation unaltered. 

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Technical Data
Component Woofer
Size  mm (in.)  200 (8) 
Power Handling  W peak 

W continuos 



Impedance  Ω 
Frequency Response  Hz  40 ÷ 500 
Magnet size D x d x h  mm 


48 (1.89) x 18 (0.71) x 7 (0.28) 
Weight of one speaker  kg (lb.)  1,21 (2.67) 
Voice Coil Ø  mm (in.)  50 (2) 
Grupo magnético de neodimio

Para maximizar el rendimiento y minimizar el volumen y el peso.

Desarrollado con parámetros electroacústicos personalizados para BMW-Mini

Para aumentar el compromiso de escucha, a través de frecuencias bajas potentes y nítidas, aprovechando la carga acústica proporcionada por la caja de fábrica.

Bobina de voz de 38 mm enrollada sobre soporte de aluminio

Para una considerable disipación de potencia y estabilidad incluso durante grandes excursiones.

Se proporcionan dos juntas de 5 mm

Para ubicaciones de OEM.

Configuración de 2 ohmios para una salida máxima

En combinación con AP de 8,9 bits en multiamplificación activa.